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About me

My background

Highly motivated and ambitious full-stack software developer with a focus on front-end web development based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently employed by Siteimprove which gives me an opportunity to contribute to one of the most successful and well-known Accessibility tools in the market.

Originally I am from Latvia. Before moving to Denmark, studies, career and private life has made me relocate several times to places like Italy, Singapore, and Canada.

Prior coding, I was running a few successful Wordpress based comparison sites, and working within business development and project management in Singapore.

My aspirations

My ambition is to improve my coding knowledge and skills, gain experience and keep up with the modern programming techniques and practices.
I'm also striving to work in a positive work environment with a strong team spirit which would allow me to become a world-class web developer.

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  • HTML5

    Creating page structure, adding headings, paragraphs, links, images, ordered & unordered lists, tables, quotations, atributes...

    freeCodeCamp Certificate
  • CSS

    Adding styles and flavors to web pages with right fonts, colors, sizing buttons, background images and more. Using flexbox and grid to create responsiviness for desktop and mobile.

    freeCodeCamp Certificate
  • Sass

    Using variables, mixins, built-in functions to write cleaner, easier to maintain and less CSS in a programming construct.

  • Javascript

    Adding a website functionality and behavior with JS variables, functions, loops, conditionals and comparisons.

    freeCodeCamp Certificate Udemy Certificate
  • VueJS

    Taking advantage of VueJS advanced functions to provide simplified web development and better development of a user interface.

    Udemy Certificate
  • NuxtJS

    Utilizing features that make the development of Universal SSR and single-page applications a much nicer experience. Benefiting from features like ES6 compilation, automatic routing, custom layouts, and many more.

    Udemy Certificate
  • React

    Building user interfaces and UI components using React Hooks and Functional Components.

    Udemy Certificate
  • TypeScript

    Making JavaScript programming more reliable, and easier

My Projects

  • Countries of the world
  • This is my first serious web development project. In its development I used some of the newest programming techniques, languages and frameworks.
  • CSS Flexbox, Grid
  • Sass Variables, mixins, layouts
  • Javascript ES6
  • Vue Components, props, vuex
  • Nuxt Universal, nuxtServerInit()
  • Share your recipe
  • This is my second project that includes login and user authentication, posting to and fetching data from Firebase, and material design framework Vue Material.
  • SASS Variables, Mixins
  • VueJS Props, Vuex
  • Nuxt Middleware
  • Vue Material Layout, Components
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Greatest Minds
  • A web development assignment requested by a multinational SaaS company in Copenhagen. Requirements: create a responsive table, populate it using the given endpoints. Show a spinner on data loading, delay loading if data loads in less than 3 sec.
  • CSS Spinner, Table
  • SASS Variables, Mixins
  • ES6 async/await, API calls
  • VueJS / NUXT Components, Props
  • AXIOS GET, Then, Catch
  • Team Assembly
  • An assignment was given by a Digital Innovation Agency in Copenhagen. Requirements: create a website where you can add projects and assemble a team to it. The project page should consist of the involved team's images, background & contact info.
  • SASS Variables, Mixins
  • ES6 filter, map, includes, new Set
  • VueJS Components, Props
  • Nuxt asyncData

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